The food and beverage sector has a wide range of water treatment requirements, from stringent bacterial testing to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliance at all levels of operations. Biochemica Water, now part of VWT UK, provides a comprehensive water treatment service that can prove vital for companies within the food and beverage industry.

In the production of food and drink, taking appropriate measures to guarantee quality and ensure adherence to health and safety requirements is crucial. Due to the nature of the sector, a significant amount of safe, clean water is required across various stages of production,

With the need to meet high production demands while maintaining compliance, it is essential that food and beverage companies implement the necessary infrastructure to satisfy these requirements. It’s also important to have the support in place to resolve any issues that they may encounter.

One of the most common concerns at present, is in relation to compliance with the required FDA standards. For example, when using steam boiler treatment, plants must ensure that the steam used is treated with FDA approved chemicals due to its direct contact with the manufactured products.

While FDA compliance is a crucial factor to consider for food and beverage manufacturers of all scales, another common concern for many smaller-scale companies is the management of their plant’s effluent. This can often be overlooked, leading to companies seeking advice on how to discharge their outgoing end samples effectively. In addition, there is a significant amount of stringent bacterial testing required within the sector, which can be supported through consultancy, problem solving and additional sampling.

Thankfully, by partnering with a water treatment expert, such as Biochemica Water, manufacturers can ensure crucial support across all areas of their operations.

Originally founded in 2007, Biochemica offers a wide range of solutions for many markets. In particular, Biochemica is ideally positioned to provide chemical-related solutions for wastewater, cooling water and boiler water treatment as a result of its extensive experience engaging with food and beverage manufacturers, producers and processors. With a comprehensive service, from influent to effluent, Biochemica can support companies with their water needs whether that is a reliable supply of chemicals, to carrying out weekly and monthly analysis visits.

Following the merger between Biochemica and VWT UK last year, both companies have benefitted. While Biochemica previously had a wide and varied customer base, prospective customers had occasionally questioned the level of support that a company of its size – however knowledgeable – could provide. Now, with the backing of VWT UK, this is no longer an issue. Furthermore, the merger has also provided Biochemica with additional support in terms of engineering, its range of products and services and access to new technologies and digital services.

For VWT, the merger has meant access to Biochemica’s chemicals storage and distribution infrastructure, as well as its extensive distribution network and chemical and raw material suppliers. With Biochemica headquartered in the north and VWT UK located in the south, the two companies are also now able to work together effectively and provide nationwide support.

How can Biochemica help?

When approached by a prospective client, the Biochemica team will first set up a meeting to understand the company’s specific needs and the actions of the incumbent water treatment company – if there is one. A gap analysis will then be carried out to identify opportunities for improvement on any issues raised.

Next, Biochemica will put forward its proposal demonstrating how it intends to improve on the company’s current processes. This proposal will be discussed and any changes agreed before installation or process implementation takes place.

Another important element of Biochemica’s service offering is its after-sales support. From ensuring inspections are scheduled when required, to making sure risk assessments are put in place, the company does everything it can to support its clients’ processes after specification. By doing so, Biochemica can ensure that agreed objectives and KPIs are met consistently.

“It is crucial that our customers feel they can approach Biochemica for help on any issues, whether that should require specialist technical knowledge, or general advice and support,” commented Dr Sandra Rountree, Corporate Sales Manager at Biochemica. “Now, after last year’s merger with VWT UK, Biochemica has never been in a better position to offer its complete water treatment service to food and beverage manufacturers, producers and processors of all sizes.”

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