Biochemica supports new ISO standard to measure water footprint

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) has launched a new globally recognised standard, ISO 14046 to assist all organisations with measuring the environmental impact of water use.

The new standard, which was published on 31 July 2014, allows businesses to conduct and report a water footprint assessment and determine methods to reduce potential environmental impacts.

Water and wastewater management specialist, Biochemica UK Ltd is supporting the launch of the standard,and believes it will be well received across the water treatment industry.

Based on a life-cycle assessment, ISO 14046 aims to bring credibility, transparency and consistency to the task of measuring an organisation’s water footprint and can assist in:

  • Assessing the magnitude of potential environmental impacts related to water
  • Identifying ways to reduce those impacts
  • Facilitating water efficiency and optimisation of water management at product, process and organisational levels
  • Providing scientifically consistent and reliable information for reporting water footprint results that can be tracked over time

Solutions-focused Biochemica UK Ltd is able to support companies across a wide range of industries and sectors in their water use and management, and has a proven track record in working closely with clients to help them understand how they can address sustainability issues – including means to best minimise their water footprint.

Through monitoring and analysis of water quality and usage through to implementing the most environmentally-efficient processes such as reuse and recycling – as well as the application of its EcoChem range of eco-friendly chemical products under its Ecochemica division, Biochemica can also assist in bringing long term cost saving benefits.

Biochemica UK Ltd supports the ISO 14046 standard

Biochemica UK Ltd is supporting the new ISO 14046 standard

Commenting on the new ISO standard, wastewater treatment specialist and Commercial and Technical Director at Biochemica, Dr Tim Robinson said: “We fully support the ISO 14046 standard as it brings specific principals, requirements and guidelines for calculating and reporting a water footprint as a standalone assessment – or as part of a wider environmental assessment – something that will bring clarity and consistency on results that can be recognised on an international scale.

“Biochemica can provide a full scope of industries with technical solutions for their influent and effluent process needs to achieve the standard, bringing them one step closer to meeting sustainability goals with the additional benefit of making a positive impact to their bottom line.”

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