Biochemica raises the standard with new service

Water treatment specialist Biochemica UK Ltd has launched a bespoke new service which supports firms in achieving the Carbon Trust Water Standard, a new certification awarded to companies that measure, manage and reduce their water use.

As one of the first water management companies to get behind the Carbon Trust Water Standard, Biochemica is leading the way in inspiring businesses to address their water consumption and gain recognition for their efforts.

The certification, which launched earlier this year, was created to encourage and recognise good practice in water use assessment, management and reduction. The Carbon Trust Water Standard is aimed at businesses and public sector organisations, and has been awarded to the likes of Coca-Cola Enterprises, Branston and Sainsbury’s.

As one of only a few UK firms specialising in both influent and effluent operations, Biochemica is dedicated to developing innovative approaches, and has a proven track record in assisting companies with minimising their water usage through reuse and recycling, implementing the most efficient processes and helping them to realise long term benefits.

Commercial and Technical Director at Biochemica, Dr Tim Robinson is the driving force behind the company’s new support service and attended the Carbon Trust Water Standard launch event in March. He says: “At Biochemica, we take a solutions-focused approach to water management which, along with our knowledge, experience and expertise, is what our Carbon Trust Water Standard service is based upon.

“We are able to work closely with organisations throughout their entire project, from providing the monitoring and recording of water use and quality services to the design and construction stages of a new treatment plant or retrofitting of an existing process. All of this is supported by ongoing technical input and advice, specific to each individual company, as part of our professional service commitment to our clients.”

In order to achieve the Carbon Trust Water Standard, organisations have their water measurement and performance assessed against the Corporate Water Use Assessment (CWUA) Protocol. Consisting of two parts, the CWUA Protocol was developed by the Carbon Trust to support organisations with measuring their water use (Part 1: Requirements) and to establish a benchmark for organisations seeking to demonstrate and report on water management, and change in use over time (Part 2: Criteria).

Dr Robinson adds: “Many of our existing clients are interested in attaining the Carbon Trust Water Standard, in particular those within the food industry. Several of those are actually already addressing a number of the key areas required within the CWUA Protocol, so the process will be a lot simpler than it may first have seemed – not just in the food sector but across a whole multitude of industries where water plays a pivotal role.

“The Standard can be achieved by organisations of any size, sector and industry looking to become more water efficient and now really is the time for firms to realise that water is a crucial component of their sustainability strategy.

“It is predicted that by 2030 global water demand will increase to a level 40% above current supply, while the world population is estimated to grow from 7 billion to 9.1 billion by 2050, inflicting a greater strain on water resources to meet increased food, energy and industrial demands.”

Dr Robinson finished: “By tackling water scarcity issues now and working to achieve the Standard, organisations will demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and in turn improve their reputation. There are also opportunities for cost reductions that can be made in the short and long term.

“I would encourage any business keen to strengthen its sustainability strategy and become one of the first in their sector to gain this important new Standard to get in touch with our experts to find out how we can guide them through each step of the process.”

Darran Messem, Managing Director Certification at the Carbon Trust, added: “We welcome Biochemica’s efforts to encourage and help more organisations to meet the requirements of the Carbon Trust Water Standard. Responsible organisations are increasingly managing water as a resource;  finding ways to use it more efficiently and taking an active role in stewardship. This is why we created the world’s first independent international certification to recognise water use reduction and management.”

For further information about the new Biochemica Carbon Trust Water Standard Support Service, please follow this link, call us on 08455 045440 or email Additional information on The Carbon Trust Water Standard can be found at