Biochemica Carbon Trust Water Standard Support Service

Water management specialist Biochemica UK Ltd is delighted to announce the launch of its Biochemica Carbon Trust Water Standard Support Service which assists organisations in achieving the new globally recognised certification.

What is The Carbon Trust Water Standard (CTWS)?

The CTWS is an organisation-level water assessment and reduction programme developed to encourage and recognise good practice in water use assessment, management and reduction by businesses and public sector organisations.

Why is it important?

It is predicted that by 2030 global water demand will increase to a level 40% above current supply, while the world population is estimated to grow from 7 billion to 9.1 billion by 2050, inflicting a greater strain on water resources to meet increased food, energy and industrial demands. By addressing these issues now and working to achieve the new standard, organisations will demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and in turn improve their reputation. There are also opportunities for cost reductions that can be made in the short and long term.

Who is it aimed at?

Amongst the first to pilot the scheme were household names Coca-Cola Enterprises, Sunlight PLC, Branston, Glanbia and Sainsbury’s, but the CTWS can be achieved by organisations of any size, sector and industry looking to become more water efficient and make a difference to their bottom line.

What is involved?

To achieve the CTWS, organisations are required to implement the Corporate Water Use Assessment (CWUA) Protocol, which has been adopted as the basis of water measurement and performance assessment.

Consisting of two parts, the CWUA Protocol is made up of assisting organisations in measuring their water use (Part 1: Requirements) and establishing a benchmark for organisations seeking to demonstrate and report on water management, and change in use over time (Part 2: Criteria).

How Biochemica can help

Biochemica UK Ltd is an independently owned water treatment provider, and one of only a few companies in the UK to specialise in both influent and effluent management programmes. Through our solutions focused approach we are able to determine the most appropriate and cost effective water treatment services for a wide range of industries, and are committed to being innovators within our field.

In light of the new Carbon Trust Water Standard, we have drawn upon our experience, knowledge and expertise to develop bespoke packages for those looking to reduce their water consumption and gain recognition for their achievements. Biochemica can assist with the entire project, from providing the monitoring and recording of water use and quality services to the design and construction stages of a new treatment plant or retrofitting of an existing process. All of this is supported by ongoing technical input and advice as part of our professional service commitment to our clients.

Biochemica has a proven track record in working closely with organisations to help them understand how they can best minimise their water usage through reuse and recycling, implement the most efficient processes and how they can benefit in the long term. We will take your business through each step of the process and can act as a third party verification as part of the standard requirement, as well as provide support with completing the necessary assessment forms.

Further information

To arrange a free, no obligation consultation with one of our experts to learn how your business can benefit from The Carbon Trust Water Standard, call the Biochemica customer helpline on 0845 5045440 or email

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