Biochemica bolsters sales and service teams

Biochemica VansBiochemica has added to its specialist service and technical sales teams to meet demand and increase its UK wide coverage.

A number of additional service chemists have been recruited as Biochemica’s customer base continues to grow, while the technical sales team has also expanded. Dave Ruddy of Biochemica said: “Our customer base continues to grow across a wide spectrum of industries so in oreder to meet this demand, we had a need to add to our already highly experienced team of service chemists and engineers.

“Biochemica is a very ambitious and forward thinking company. We want to continue to experience the growth we have enjoyed over the last few years and in order to do this, the natural progression was for us to bolster our technical sales team. We hope this will also help us to continue to reach out to opportunities outside of our North East base and extend our coverage of the UK even further. As a progressive company we are always searching for talented and driven people; the search for the best people and new business opportunities is always ongoing!”

For technical sales and service chemist career opportunities, please send CVs to:, or see details on the Careers Section of our website.