Improved sludge dewatering

Biochemica was approached to improve the performance of a centrifuge (decanter) in a mineral processing application. The percentage dry solids from the process was critical to the operation.

After an initial site survey to understand the process, Biochemica selected a number of specialised polymers for screening. The best product versus the incumbent can be seen below (Fig 1: y-axis CST, secs; x-axis Polymer dose 0.2%, mls. Biochemica polymer in green versus incumbent in blue). The Biochemica polymer outperformed the current product, offering improved performance even at very low dose rates. Based on this study, a full scale trial was commissioned where the results seen in test work were replicated.

The customer now has a process that is working to specification and has reduced chemical consumption through correct product choice. Regular site visits from Biochemica help ensure optimal chemical usage rates and performance.