Clean water means cost savings!

Greenvale Test

Figure 1 Untreated (left), treated (5 mins), treated (10mins)

Biochemica UK Ltd has recently added to its extensive customer base by further increasing their presence in the food sector. Our total water management philosophy has already allowed many customers to realise cost savings through improved water treatment.

The washing of vegetables produces waste water high in solids and organics. As successfully implemented at many other sites, Biochemica initially provided a suitable water treatment programme to improve the primary settlement of this effluent, as can be seen below (Fig 1).

After improving the primary treatment with the correct chemical programme, as well as optimising dosing to ensure best economic use of chemicals without compromising on performance, the next stage of treatment was considered.

The biological (activated sludge) system, used to remove soluble organics and ammonia was failing to perform. After a full investigation, it was quickly realised that there was a nutrient imbalance in the system. Problems were also compounded by overloading of the biological system due to poor primary performance, that was now under control.

A bespoke nutrient blend was formulated by Biochemica as well as suitable operator training on how to recognise potential issues before they manifest. Additional controls, such as pH correction and dissolved oxygen monitoring were also installed for better process control.

Ultimately, the customer saw cost savings on two fronts:

1. Savings in water extraction from mains as a proportion of the treated water could be recycled back into the factory process. Discharge charges were also reduced due to improved organics and solids removal.
2. Reduced chemical expenditure through the correct chemical programme and optimised dosing.