Improving processes, reducing costs

Biochemica was invited to put forward their proposals to improve the effluent treatment at a site of a multi-national food producer.

The client engineering manager commented, “I was tasked with heading up a team to reduce trade effluent water costs at the site during 2008. At the end of 2008 several water treatment contractors were invited to attend the site to discuss cost reduction initiatives. They were all given the same criteria and the subsequent proposals were evaluated. At the end of this process we changed our supplier to Biochemica as we believed they offered the best proposal. Biochemica came up with best cost savings, whilst delivering the required results. Their service has been very good and we have worked with them on other initiatives and plant improvements.” Based on the continuing work regarding effluent treatment, Biochemica have also been invited to look at other areas of water treatment encompassing their total water management ethos. The site engineering manager also had this to say regarding future projects between the two companies, “We have built up a strong working relationship to deliver results to our businesses. We are currently working on another separate water treatment issues and some plant upgrades. We have also invited Biochemica to look at boiler and refrigeration water treatment.”

Through a high level of technical service, correct product selection and ongoing input into process improvements Biochemica has been able to improve plant efficiency and ultimately cost savings, “My team in connection with Biochemica has delivered savings year on year up to the present. Over our 2 year association with Biochemica we have reduced trade effluent costs by 50% since the beginning of 2009,” commented the site engineering manager adding, “My colleagues at other factories within the European group now want to share our success. I have no reservations about passing on Biochemica’s details and hope my colleagues will take advantage of their expertise to realise savings in the same way that we have. We will continue to try to find ways of driving down cost and will look to Biochemica to assist when and where they can.”