Effluent treatment upgrade

Biochemica has recently completed a project to improve a waste water treatment process at a potato washing facility.

Previously, waste water from the process was settled out with limited success in a series of lagoons but was often out of consent and the proportion re-used for washing was poor. Based around the current system, Biochemica installed a chemical dosing system to improve settling and performance.

Previously, final CODs were in the region of 2,000 – 3,000mg/l; after treatment under the new Biochemica programme, they were reduced to <30mg/l. TSS and water clarity was also greatly improved, making disinfection of the treated water possible. In conjunction with reducing the organic and solids loading, as well as disinfection of the re-used water, returned bacterial levels were also much lower. Since the system was commissioned the factory has seen a beneficial impact on produce as well as their re-used water quality.