Vegetables… water… and Biochemica!

Biochemica has teamed up with some of the leading vegetable producers and processors throughout the UK to help reduce their water costs.

Cost savings in terms of cleaner water for discharge, and where possible, reusing this treated water back into the process has made the Biochemica total water management appoach appealing to many firms within the food industry.

“We are delighted that many of the leading companies in this market have seen the benefits of our approach,” commented Dave Ruddy, a director of Biochemica.

“Combine this with more effective chemistries for cooling and boiler water treatment and it’s easy to see why a complete approach to water treatment can pay dividends for our clients. Every business that uses water is having to consider how to reduce their associated water costs. We are here to work with clients, and by considering all aspects of their process, help realise those cost savings.”