Contract award

Biochemica UK Ltd have been awarded a contract to supply products and provide on going technical service for an effluent treatment plant at a leading multi-national packaging company.

Performance issues had been reported with the centrifuge used for liquid/solids seperation. As with most projects, small scale test work was initially carried out to understand the chemistry of the process. Following on from this, a full scale trial was implented under the new process changes and chemical treatment programme, producing much improved dry solids and a clearer centrate. Improved dewatering had a beneficial impact on solids disposal; more solids and less water was transported off site for treatment, improving the cost of disposal per tonne of product.

The centrate COD was reduced by 90% and the TSS by 94% over the control sample. The centrate improvements will also have a benefical effect on discharge charges. Dave Ruddy of Biochemica UK Ltd commented, “We are delighted to have been awarded this contract and it is testament to the maticulous test work and thorough trial investigations undergone in projects such as this. We look forward to working with our client, providing ongoing technical input through regular site visits, as well as operator training, ensuring smooth running of the plant.”